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Life with diabetes typically involves tight prescription deadlines and long pharmacy lines. Let Alta Rx do the heavy lifting and handle the time-consuming details so you can focus on family, work, friends … life.

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Our reliable home-delivery service sends important diabetes supplies straight to your door. Did we mention shipping is always free? Of course, if it’s more convenient, you can always visit the pharmacy in person, too. You have options!

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Our knowledgeable customer care team is quick to answer the phone and always has your best interests in mind. We’re ready to take your call.

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Diabetic Connect is the largest online diabetes community in the world. Visit today to access these and other great resources:

  • Delicious diabetic-friendly recipes
  • Trusted advice from our experts
  • Support from people living with diabetes
  • Developments in diabetes management

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decrease the amount of strips I receive?
You should be receiving the amount of test strips that your doctor has prescribed. If you’re not testing as frequently as your doctor prescribes, we can’t change your prescription, but we can put your account on hold (for up to four months) until you use the test strips you already have. We can also adjust how frequently your prescription is filled to be every 45, 60 or 120 days instead of every 30 days. Call us to talk about your shipping frequency.
How do I get more strips each month?
If you need to be testing more frequently than you have test strips for, contact your doctor in order to review your testing needs. If your doctor feels that you need to be testing more frequently than you have been, he or she can write you a prescription that reflects the testing frequency you need. Ask your doctor to send the prescription to our pharmacy and we’ll start sending you the amount of test strips you need immediately.
Why am I receiving shipments from you?
We talked to you on the phone recently and you authorized us to send your diabetes testing supplies along with a free meter. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.
What if I don’t want this order?
We can assist you in receiving a return label to cover the shipping costs if you are sending back an order. Please click here to download a copy of our cancellation policy and mail it back to adresss listed. If you are located in Ohio please download this form here. If you’re receiving the wrong amount of testing supplies, we can adjust your shipping frequency to meet your needs.
How do I cancel my account?
Let us know that you’d like to cancel your account. It’s that simple. If you change your mind, we’d love to welcome you back to our associated pharmacies.
How do I add or remove items from my order?
We can help you adjust your shipping order over the phone. However, we cannot change your prescription. If you need to make changes to your prescription, please contact your doctor.
What do I do if I’ve received a hold letter?
If you receive a hold letter, please contact us to find out what caused the hold. Some common reasons are that your prescription has expired or your insurance has changed. Once your account hold has been resolved, you will return to active status.
Can I get a confirmation that my shipment is on its way?
We send an email to let you know your prescription has been shipped. If you don’t see the email, contact us to verify your email address.
What if I never received my testing strips?
Although it’s unlikely, if you don’t receive your testing strips, contact us. We can check on the status of your order and overnight your test strips to you if needed.
Are there any meters available for the visually impaired?
Yes! Our PROKt meter is a talking meter.
Do any of the meters you carry require coding?
Yes, we carry some meters that require coding and some that don’t. Among the meters that require coding are One Touch, TrueTrack and Unistrip. Please contact us if you have questions about whether a meter requires coding.
What is the smallest meter you carry?
The PROPOC meter is our smallest meter.
Which brand name lancets work with the generic lancing pen?
The Freestyle, UltraSoft, TrueResult and TrueTrack lancets all work with the generic lancing pen.
Are there any meters that don’t require me to draw blood?
Unfortunately, you will have to draw blood in order to test your blood sugar.
What to do if my meter isn’t giving accurate readings?
If you’re worried your meter isn’t giving accurate readings, you can check it with control solution. You can purchase control solution from our pharmacy. If you’re still having trouble with your meter, let us know.
Can I make changes to my personal information or account online?
You can start by creating your account online. Once you've done this you will be contacted by a pharmacy representative to finalize the account. From there, all changes to the account will require a call.

*For additional questions or concerns regarding Billing, Shipments, Supplies, Medications, Personal Information Updates, and anything we’ve missed please call our Customer Care Team at: 855-686-1859

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